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What Our Clients Say

“We have just completed our first recruitment exercise using your profiling methods.  This was a large and complex exercise and we did have to deal with some unexpected contingencies. I very much appreciate your personal availability and expertise in advising us on how to negotiate our way through some potentially difficult issues.”
-  Senior Manager, Victorian Public Service.

“Your staff has been consistently helpful and responsive to our requests, even though we have sometimes had to sometimes ask for very rapid responses.”  
-  Senior Manager, New South Wales Public Service.

“On a regular basis I observe traits demonstrated by applicants corroborated by the psychological evaluations.”  
-  Senior HR Professional, Tasmania Public Service

“The dollar cost to hire, train and pay one new employee who leaves or is forced out in his or her first year will characteristically cost more than the entire psychological screening for the group.”  
-    Senior HR Professional, South Australia Public Service

"It is always a pleasure to work with friendly helpful people and a professional organisation".
- HR Manager, ACT Public Service