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What Public Safety Organisations Need

If you are hiring people that will make decisions about the safety of others, it is absolutely crucial that your hiring decisions are correct. Mistakes present far too big a risk.

You need more than an off the shelf generic test of personality that wasn’t designed or researched for this type of screening.

We believe that you would like to have a system with the following features:

  1. A proven Return on Investment.
  2. Australian research that proves people selected with this system become better performers than those selected without it.
  3. A system that provides objective, reliable information that takes you well beyond “gut feel”.
  4. A suite of psychological profiling instruments that have been specially designed for your profession.
  5. An approach to interviewing that encourages applicants to be more open than they otherwise would.
  6. A system that will tell you if an applicant is attempting to hide their weaknesses or make themselves look better than they really are.
  7. A structured method for integrating information from psychological profiling and from interview data.
  8. A system which anticipates – and prevents – a variety of legal challenges.
  9. An expert who can be available by phone whenever necessary to help you assess applicants where the data is unclear.
  10. Someone to go to court on your behalf if your hiring decision is challenged.
If you think this would help your organisation, please read further.

“There is nothing more important to a manager’s success than hiring great people. Nothing.” - Lou Adler

It’s the very poorest performers who exaggerate their abilities the most - Daniel Goleman