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Common Hiring Errors

1. Not Giving Hiring The Priority It Deserves

Every organisation needs people. The quality of these people will determine the success of the organisation – and the day to day quality of what it’s like to work there.

There is probably no other function that a manager undertakes that is more important than hiring.

Yet, quite understandably with today’s pressures, hiring becomes “fitted in” to a busy day. While we all know it’s important, somehow the importance gets drowned in the sea of the urgent.

2. Lowering Standards

It’s particularly tough to find good people today because we have such high employment. Often there are pressures to “get someone in that job”. Other staff are stressed, important work isn’t getting done and you desperately need someone.

Under these circumstances it’s extremely tempting to “lower the bar”. Someone who might not have had a look in during “candidate rich” times now starts to look pretty attractive.

3. Hiring Fast and Firing Slow

With the pressures outlined above, it’s no wonder that this happens.

The process should be reversed. Hiring should be slow and careful, and once it’s determined that a person is unable to do the job, they should either be moved to a different job that they can do, or a way should be found to graciously part company while doing everything possible to help the person succeed in their next job.

4. Assuming That Staff Know How To Hire

All of us get good at something by practice. There is no skill in the world that develops without it.

To learn a skill, it also helps considerably to have some coaching and instruction somewhere along the way.

How often do your staff conduct hiring interviews?

Have they ever been taught how to do it?

Has anyone helped them improve?

Do your staff regularly review the process when a hiring mistake has been made to find out what went wrong – and to learn from it?

Would you hire someone to install computers who hasn’t had any training, and does the work infrequently?

5. We Hire People For What They Know And Wish We Could Fire Them For Who They Are

All too often people are hired because they have a technical qualification, industry knowledge or past experience in a similar job.

While this is attractive, and might be helpful, it is no guarantee that they will be a success in your organisation.

Instead, we recommend hiring for motivation, character and values. If the applicant has the right mix of these, you can then teach them what they need to know to do the job.