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The AIFP approach to selection has been rigorously researched , validated and normed, both in Australia and the United States.

Our research has repeatedly shown that there is considerable cost effectiveness to be gained by using this method of screening. Candidates selected with our approach have a statistically significant lower use of sick days and are less likely to leave the organisation, both at the one year and at the two year mark.

Recent research has shown that the same trends are demonstrated at the end of four years of on-the-job performance in one study, and at the end of nine years of on-the-job performance in another study.

To our knowledge, AIFP is the only organisation in the world to have collected such extensive research data.

The AIFP methodology is under continual review , as we look for better ways to assist our clients. Each "roll out" of an improvement is provided at no additional cost .

We also subject our system to on going research in an effort to improve our predictions. As research findings become available our overall system is enhanced. These improvements to our system are also passed onto clients without additional cost .

See the Technical and Informational Papers link for a list of available articles.

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