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Victoria, Australia
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Our Business Philosophy

At AIFP we strongly believe that any business must have a purpose beyond profit.  Without profit there is no business.  For us though, our passion is to help protect the safety of vulnerable people by providing the best available pre-employment screening system.

It is this commitment that drives everything that we do.

We are interested in developing a long term partnership with our clients. This allows us to continually add value to your organisation, in most cases without any additional cost.

Unlike other companies who simply sell tests, we are interested in providing a broader service to you.  We provide a suite of profiling instruments specifically developed for screening applicants to public safety positions.  We also provide – at no cost – use of the AIFP Structured Interview System ©, all test consumables and ongoing telephone back up support.

We are available for ongoing consultation at any stage and are happy to be of assistance in helping our clients to improve their recruitment and selection process.

We automatically pass on all of the new developments in our system, which is continually being improved and refined.

We are also available to provide ongoing training in the use of our methods so that your staff will obtain the best possible results.

We believe in providing the best possible value for money to our clients.  You will find that the investment in the AIFP system will be far outweighed – often almost immediately – in reducing the problems and costs associated with hiring the wrong person.

“The number one reason people give for leaving is dissatisfaction with the boss. People join companies and leave managers.”
- Daniel Goleman