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How it Works

Our approach consists of  five key components, each of which is equally important:

1. Ability Tests

One of the most common forms of screening for public safety roles is measuring each application's ability in a particular area, most commonly in reading, writing and numeracy. Our Ability Tests have numerous advantages:

  • The content of items has been developed from the training manuals for specific professions. Thus, the content of the tests is highly acceptable to applicants. They are able to see the direct application of what they are doing and how it applies to the job they are applying for.
  • Our tests are secure. They are available only to our clients, and otherwise cannot be purchased commercially. This ensures that applicants are unable to obtain copies of the tests.
  • Our tests are specifically normed by profession. In evaluating an applicant, we are able to tell you how their reading, writing or numerical skills compare to a large number of applicants who are applying for exactly the same job.

2. A Suite of Psychological Profiling Instruments

These tools have been carefully selected and designed because they identify job relevant personality traits which are critical for public safety roles.

Some of the personality traits will be relevant to all public safety roles. These include, but not limited to, intelligence, maturity, stress tolerance, overall judgement and level of psychological disturbance.

Others will be more relevant for specific occupations. For example, we are the only provider of a test specifically designed to detect a pathological level of interest in setting fires.

Our suite of instruments contains numerous scales to determine the extent to which an applicant is attempting to distort the findings by "faking good".

The profiling process is carried out by the client organisation, which can test as few or as many applicants as they wish.

Test responses are sent to our Melbourne office and results are available within 48 hours.

3. Comprehensive Reports

We provide clients with comprehensive – but easy to read – reports of profile findings.

The report describes the areas in which the applicant closely fits the job requirement and highlights other areas in which the fit may be less exact.

The report becomes an important tool for supplementing the interview.

4. AIFP Tailored Risk Assessment Interview Technique (TRAIT) Structured Interview ©

Our structured, probing interview checks and cross checks data emerging from psychological profile findings. The interview also has numerous techniques for evaluating how candid applicants are being in describing themselves.

The TRAIT  Interview System, developed over 30 years, is provided to all our clients at no additional cost.

5. Integrated Decision Making System

Our experience and research has shown that the best hiring decisions are made by using an integration of both psychological test data and interview findings.

Our system leads to a clear recommendation about whether an applicant should be hired, rejected, or hired with some caution, with specific recommendations for each category.

By collecting and recording the correct type of data, recommendations made based on our system are very easily defended.