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About AIFP Services

Most organisations find that they hire people for what they know, and wish they could fire them for who they are.  

At AIFP, we are fully aware of the challenges in finding out who an applicant really is – what is their character, values and attitudes – and how they are likely to behave in a job. This is crucially important when their job requires protecting the safety of other people.

Over the last thirty years we have developed a number of procedures to accomplish this goal.  

Many organisations rely on "off the shelf" tests, either for measuring personality or abilities such as reading, numeracy and writing. In contrast, all of our tests have been specifically designed for screening applicants to roles where the job requires making decisions about the safety of other people.  

Our tests have been completely developed for Australian conditions and have been normed on a wide cross section of Australian applicants. Equally importantly, our norms are developed for each profession that we serve.  

Our Structured Interview Guide has evolved over the last thirty years. We have developed the most powerful and probing questions available which help you to find out information about an applicant which would never be revealed in the ordinary interview.  

In summary, the AIFP system contains the best available tools for the psychological evaluation of police, corrections, firefighters, ambulance and other public safety personnel, whether they be applicants or serving officers.    

We serve Australia and New Zealand from our headquarters in Melbourne. Some of our clients include:  

  • ACT Corrective Services - Corrections
  • ACT Corrective Services -  Probation & Parole
  • ACT Office of Children, Youth and Family Services
  • Australia New Zealand Policing Advisory Agency
  • Australian Fisheries Management Authority
  • Ausgrid- Asset Access NSW 
  • Juvenile Justice, NSW Department of Human Services 
  • The GEO Group Australia Pty Ltd
  • The Grey Man 
  • G4S Australia Pty Ltd
  • NT Department of Housing, Local Government and Regional Services
  • NT Department of Lands & Planning, Public Transport Division
  • NT Police, Fire & Emergency Services
  • NT Fire & Rescue Services
  • Queensland Department of Justice & Attorney-General, Youth Justice Service
  • SA Department for Correctional Services
  • SA Department for Communities & Social Inclusion, Youth Justice
  • SA Department for Education & Child Development, Residential Care
  • SA Metropolitan Fire Service
  • SA Police
  • Tasmanian Ambulance Service
  • TAS Department of Human Services & Housing
  • TAS Department of Justice, Corrective Services Division
  • TAS Department of Justice - Community Corrections
  • Tasmania Fire Service
  • Tasmania Police
  • Workplace Standards Tasmania, Department of Justice 
  • VIC Department of Human Services - Child Protection Division
  • VIC Department of Human Services - Juvenile Custodial Service
  • Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board, Victoria
  • WA Department of Fisheries
  • WA Department of Fire & Emergency Services


We are associated with the Institute of Forensic Psychology located in Oakland, New Jersey, which has ten affiliated branch offices in seven U.S. States as well as Trinidad and Tobago. This organisation has provided psychological services to public safety agencies since 1972.  

A full list of our American clients is available, including references and telephone numbers. Also available is a list of other experts in the area of public safety and human behaviour who are familiar with our methods. For this information please contact us at