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  • Proactive Risk Management
  • Reduced Sick Leave
  • Reduced Workers Compensation Claims
  • Reduced Turnover

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What Our Clients Say

“The Department has conducted significant analyses on the groups of officers recruited that have utilised AIFP selection techniques, with those that have not.  Applicants who have been selected using AIFP have had fewer sick days, less workers’ compensation claims, lower turnover and fewer performance issues.”

“There is no doubt that the psychological evaluation process offered by AIFP continues to enable our organization to select better people.”


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We are Australia’s only provider specialising in the pre-employment psychological profiling of Public Safety Applicants. This includes Police, Corrections, Customs, Firefighter, Ambulance, Child Protection, Parole Officers, Social Workers, Youth Workers, and Security Guards.

Employing people to protect the safety of others is tough. Everyone who applies will tell you they’re right for the job.

Mistakes are costly. The wrong person can be a disaster waiting to happen. High sick leave, high turnover and stress claims are just the beginning.

The wrong person can be a danger to themselves or someone else. They can also create a high profile PR disaster.

You need to know who the person really is – before you hire and train them. Standard screening techniques will give you some information, but not enough.

A special task requires special tools.

AIFP can help. Our system will tell you things that no other profiling tools can.

The system has been scientifically validated in Australia using extensive local norms. We provide objective, reliable information to support your hiring decisions – even in court if need be.

AIFP is headed by Dr Ken Byrne, a Forensic and Clinical Psychologist with over 30 years experience.  He is the author of “Hiring:  Strategies For Success” (1990) and “Seven Secrets For Hiring The Best People” (2006). 

Since 1987 Dr Byrne has been actively involved as a consultant and a researcher in the psychological assessment of public safety applicants.